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05 April 2011

It's working

The Brett Noy yeast and recipe is giving me a better loaf and I'm thrilled with it - henceforth the starter shall be named Boy.  The bread reminds me of the taste of bread from my youth so I'm wondering if there was an element of natural yeasts and long preparation back then to give such great flavour.

Yogi is not forgotten.  He gave me great results with my pancakes and both Yogi and Boy have distinctive "banana" odours.  Perhaps they have cross pollinated in the refrigerator.

I am disappointed that I've purchased a lame with a permanent blade.  I can't replace the blade when it becomes blunt or rusty.  It's also a curved blade and I'm having a problem using it.  I think a flat blade would be easier to wield.  The banneton is smaller than I imagined.  It's meant for a .75kg loaf and I'm thinking that I need to make larger loaves for myself to be able to slice for toast.

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