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24 April 2011

Pressed pickled pork

I managed to buy a nice piece of pickled pork last week and finally cooked it today.  It's one of those pieces that come in a string bag which is never a good look for a piece of meat.  However this one cooked up nicely and there's not a lot of fat with it.

Mum's old meat press on the left and mine on the right.
So, to the press.  I scavenged a nice meat press from my Mum a while back and it's probably the best one I've ever seen.  It's heavy cast aluminium and rectangular in shape.  Mum tells me that my Nana gave it to her many years ago so it's done a bit of work and still looks fit for another 50 years of service.  My other press is a lightweight aluminium affair that looks cheap and nasty but I guess it does the job too - not as nice to use as the old one.