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Welcome: This blog is associated with my web site of the same name - Mum's Cookbook Site.


The following are links to other web sites you might find useful.  Some are recipe sites, others have useful tools and some are just for fun.

Best Recipes - arguably the best recipe site in Australia.  Useful reviews, home style cooking and a lively forum.

Taste.com.au - another Australian recipe site with professionally published recipes, member contributions, reviews and useful hints.

Australian Woman's Weekly recipe search page.  AWW has published many recipe books over the years and these have become collector items.  Some recipes are published online and you can search their database here.

Not Quite Nigella - interesting and entertaining blog by Lorraine Elliott, a Sydney girl.  She publishes food for the eyes and the soul.

Cake Wrecks - when professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong.  This one's just for fun, but there are some sensational cakes there too.  No recipes.