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Welcome: This blog is associated with my web site of the same name - Mum's Cookbook Site.

About me

I rate myself as a fair to middling home cook.  I learned a little in my mother's kitchen and mostly I remember mixing cakes in the old 32 Volt Sunbeam Mixmaster.  We generated our own power in those days so we had to turn everything else off in the house when we wanted to use the mixer so that the generator could handle the draw without conking out.

I would have had a few disasters in the kitchen in my early career, but I was always willing to try new recipes.  Then the kids came along and it was fetes.  Huge batches of scones and other goodies were prepared in a caravan sized oven.  What a joy it was when I finally had a proper grown up stove.

Australia Day 2011 with some willing helpers in the kitchen
Now it's just me.  I still enjoy baking but preparing meals for one person is a challenge.  Entertaining many is also a challenge, but well worth the effort.

Other interests include web site building, mainly for voluntary organisations.  It keeps my brain ticking over and I get a lot of satisfaction from solving problems.