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08 August 2011

Yoghurt - looking for cheaper options

OK, so I'm a skinflint - it's a must when the budget is limited but I like the challenge.

The EasiYo mixes certainly are convenient but also expensive.  Granted it's cheaper than buying ready made yoghurt but I remember making yoghurt years ago with heated milk and seeding it with a little bought yoghurt.  There's tons of info online and I've been experimenting.  So here's what works for me.

Half fill the container with filtered water and add 1½ cups of full cream powdered milk.  Put the lid on and shake to mix.  Add 2 tab Greek Yoghurt (powder or prepared), fill to the line and replace the lid.  Give it a good shake then put it into the prepared thermos.  Leave it for about 16 hours and refrigerate.  I serve it with strawberry topping or home made strawberry jam.  Yum.