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19 April 2011

Braised Steak

Had a longing for something warming tonight and found some scotch fillet in the freezer that I'd bought at Christmas "just in case".  Yes, I know it seems a waste to use such a nice tender steak in a braise, but the meat has to be used or it will end up only good for dog food.

I was planning on using the slow cooker, but ran out of time so the pressure cooker was dusted off.  So nice.

Browned three fillets in a pan and made gravy with the brownings.  Added a splash of Worcestershire Sauce, a sachet of tomato paste, some vegemite and stock powder, 3 chopped onions, and some sliced carrot.  Served with green peas and mash.

Here's my full recipe

There's leftovers too.

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